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TDC2 2002 Jury

Chairman, Gary Munch

This year's jury is drawn from several spheres of typographic endeavor:

contemporary display, eternal text, technical and æsthetic exactitude, and intense daily use.

These distinguished practitioners have agreed to join the jury:

Jill Bell

Ms. Bell began her career as a lettering artist shortly after an encounter with a Speedball pen in a high school commercial art class.

She has worked as a graphic designer primarily doing lettering, calligraphy and type design for about two decades, with a few respites from the freelance existence: two years in which she worked as a signpainter, and a short stint as a production artist for Saul Bass in the 1980s.

Her typeface designs can be seen in the ITC catalog (Carumba,TM Clover,TM Gigi,TM Hollyweird,TM and SmackTM), and in the Agfa-Monotype catalog, which includes her most recent release, Swank.TM

Her face, Bruno,TM for Adobe reflects an understanding of the written form applied to the regularity of type forms.

Her handlettering can be seen online at and in The Workbook.

John Downer

Mr. Downer is a sign painter by trade, with a specialty in gold leaf lettering. He has a B.A. in Fine Art from Washington State University and both an M.A. and an M.F.A. in Painting from the University of Iowa. He began his career as a freelance type designer in 1983.

His many typefaces have been published by Emigre (Vendetta,TM Council,TM and BrothersTM); by Bitstream (Iowan Old StyleTM); by The Font Bureau in the United States; and by Design Lab of Milan, Italy.

Mr. Downer writes about type, and type history, for Emigre magazine, House magazine, and other publications. He lives in Iowa City, and travels throughout the United States and Europe, always on the lookout for interesting letterforms.

Dennis Pasternak

With nearly two decades of experience in the study and practice of type design, Dennis is an accomplished designer of original typefaces. Although it is mathematical figures and patterns that populate his computer monitors, Dennis senses the wood, metal and brush used by his professional antecedents.

Dennis' body of original designs includes Bitstream ChiantiTM as well as typefaces developed during his tenure at Galápagos Design Group: the MaiandraTM GD family, BaltraTM GD, and ITC Stylus.TM

All of Dennis' designs have traditional roots, and are highly readable; they focus on the reader, rather than on their potential as graphic elements.

Dennis holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in design from the Massachusetts College of Art. He is also a member of the Association Typographique Internationale (ATypI).

Richard Weltz

After several years as an advertising agency copywriter and account executive, Dick joined his family's advertising typography firm, and has been involved in typeshop management ever since - working his way over some four decades through all the technology changes from hot metal to today's Postscript. He served as President of Typographers International Association, is the author of dozens of published articles on the typographic business, and has presented seminars to typographic groups in many cities around the country and abroad.

Over time, Dick narrowed his efforts to the field of foreign language typography and translation and now heads up the New York City firm, Spectrum Multilanguage Communications.

While not laying claim to being a typeface designer by vocation, several Arabic fonts Dick designed were licensed and produced by Berthold; and a number of others were marketed by VGC as fonts for the PhotoTypositor.

Dick holds a degree in Public and International Affairs from the Woodrow Wilson School, Princeton University.

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