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Entry Formats :

Original items only are eligible for entry, with the exception of items detailed below.

Mounting of entries : Entries in the Corporate ID category must be mounted on black illustration board (not Foamcore), not to exceed 14 x 22 inches (36 x 56 cm). Items may overlap. The maximum of six selected, representative items for series pertains to the number of mounted items, not boards. Mounting in all other categories is optional. The maximum size of boards pertains to all areas and categories.

No identification of designer/submitter (e.g. business cards) may be attached to front or back of print entries, other than official Entry Forms.

Slides/transparencies are unacceptable in any area or category.

Photographs : If the actual piece is unavailable/ unmanageable (e.g. signage, displays, POP, large packaging, billboards) photographic prints 8 x 10 inches (20 x 25 cm) are acceptable. Photographs with more than one item are series entries.

Experimental / unpublished work is ineligible in all areas and categories, except for Student Work.

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