TDC2 2008 Winning Entries

With images from the designers. No rankings are assigned in the TDC competitions other than Judges' Choices; listings are categorically alphabetical.

Text / Type Family


Type System / Superfamily

Pi and Ornament

TDC2 2008 Jury With their Judges Choices

Larry Oppenberg — Logo Jr Black by Shigeru Katsumoto, 葛本茂, Kyoko Katsumoto, 葛本京子

Christian Schwartz — Mommie by Hubert Jocham

Sara Soskolne — National by Kris Sowersby

Gerard Unger — Al Rajhi by Habib Khoury

Matthew Carter, Chair

Where necessary, the jury was advised about non-Latin script entries by the TDC Non-Latin Advisory Board, which was for this year comprised of:
Gayaneh Bagdasaryan
Misha Beletsky
Martin Heijdra
John Hudson
Akira Kobayashi
Gerry Leonidas
Kamal Mansour
Rathna Ramanathan
Mamoun Sakkal
Manvel Shmavonyan
Adi Stern
Vladimir Yefimov