August 6, 2020

An update from the TDC 

It is a time of change and transition, and much has happened at the TDC over the last few months. As a profound movement for social justice begins to transform our society for the better, the TDC reaffirms our commitment to facilitating that transformation within the design and typography communities. Please read our commitment to diversity and equity.

We’ve also used the last month to pause, reflect and take stock. As an organization, who are we, and who do we want to become? What have we done well, and what would we like to do better? Here are some answers to those questions.

Two weeks ago, as part of our community outreach and discovery process, we sent out a questionnaire—open to members and non-members alike—to help give us a better picture of the type of organization that you want the TDC to be.

We received almost 300 thoughtful responses. The top 6-7 themes that emerged as most important have been invaluable to our understanding and ongoing transformation. Those themes have been incorporated into our “Taking Stock” letter in the link above. We thank everyone who shared their thoughts. We are deeply grateful.

Meanwhile, the work and mission of the TDC continues. Most urgently, the board has been working to reverse the course of the club, from financial insolvency caused by the pandemic, to becoming a viable non-profit institution for all. One necessary financial step was to end our lease on the TDC’s physical space in New York City, and last month, with heavy hearts, we vacated the place which has been home to the TDC library and so many salons, classes, and exhibitions over the years. Still, these kinds of decisions allow us to be more nimble and creative.

The Board is committed to seeing the TDC survive and thrive. This moment is one in which we are working—with your help!—to rethink and restructure the TDC into a better, more equitable and more responsive organization, and continue to celebrate typographic excellence the world over.

We hope to be sharing some good news with you in the coming weeks, so please stay tuned!

With gratitude,

The TDC Board of Directors