Thursday, November 12, 2020
Virtual Salon

Learn about an approach that brings graphic design education into the 21st century!

A *New* Program for Graphic Design (Inventory Press / DAP) is a do-it-yourself textbook. Developed in classes for Princeton University liberal arts students, the book moves from Benjamin Franklin to Bruno Munari, Moholy-Nagy to Muriel Cooper and the Macintosh computer. Following a brief overview, David will present eight years of lectures sampled and compressed into one hour.

David Reinfurt is an independent graphic designer in New York. He is 1/2 of Dexter Sinister, 1/4 of The Serving Library, and 1/1 of O-R-G inc . Dexter Sinister is an art and design collaboration. The Serving Library is a publishing project. O-R-G is a small software company. David teaches at Princeton University.