Virtual Salon
July 7, 2020

Part talk, part workshop—this talk will introduce viewers to variable fonts (the latest iteration of the OpenType specification) and look at all the ways they can transform how we think about typography on the web.

The talk starts with a showcase of the different kinds of standard and custom axes of variation, how they work on the web, and then looks at ways they can transform how we think about what typography is, and how we practice it.

Finally, Jason takes a look at how variable fonts can enable greater design flexibility and bring better editorial design to the web than you ever thought possible.

About the Speaker:

Jason Pamental is an internationally recognized expert on web typography and variable fonts, board member of ATypI, and Invited Expert on the W3C Web Fonts Working Group. Author of Responsive Typography (O’Reilly, 2014), articles for Print, HOW Design, TYPE Magazine, Net Magazine,, and publisher of email newsletter Web Typography News. He also travels the globe giving talks and teaching workshops on using type better on the web (over 100 events and counting).