Exhibition opening for “Painting with Letters” exhibition by Manuel Estrada
Type Directors Club, New York
April 3, 2019

Spanish Designer Manuel Estrada opens his New York exhibition Painting with Letters: Book Covers, Typograms, and Other Typographic Projects with a brief talk about the importance of graphic design in today’s society and how typography engages contemporary audiences.

As Estrada discusses how the exhibition’s book covers, posters, and logos use typography as the main tool of graphic design, the video shows details of the exhibition installation and guests.

Manuel Estrada is the recipient of the Spanish National Design Award. His Estudio, founded in 1989, has offices in Madrid and Miami, has a team of 17 people and is specialized in corporate identity programs. He is a strong supporter of design as a fact of business development and its direct input in the success of corporations, and has also being dedicated to teaching in many different institutions. His work has been exhibited in New York, Chicago, Helsinki, Berlin, Lisbon, and many cities throughout Spain.

Take a virtual tour of this beautiful exhibition here and on Flickr.