Thursday, October 22, 2020
Virtual Salon

Emery Walker (1851–1933) inspired and facilitated the private press movement and raised general standards in printing and typography – largely reflected through others’ work. Who was he, what exactly was his influence, and how was ‘the most lovable of men’ a protagonist in the bitterest dispute in typographic history?

Simon Loxley is a graphic designer and author of “Emery Walker: Arts, Crafts and a World in Motion” (2019), “Type is Beautiful: The Story of Fifty Remarkable Fonts” (2016), “Printer’s Devil: The Life and Work of Frederic Warde” (2013), and “Type: The Secret History of Letters” (2004). He designed and edited “Ultrabold,” the St. Bride Library journal (2006–2016).

INSTAGRAM: @sansserif_skyline