TDC63 Motion Winners
63rd Annual Communication Design Competition

This video contains award-winning samples in the categories of online titles, TV show visual design, experimental, exhibits, and student work. Click on the counter to see each work.

0:05 Online titles for Salesforce Design Leadership Conference by Salesforce Brand Innovation and Bonfile Labs (Judge’s Choice award)

01:32 TV show visual design for VICELAND channel by Spike Jonze and Gretel agency in New York for Vice (Judge’s Choice award)

03:48 “Growths” experimental work by Ari Weinkle, Boston

04:48 “Faith Hope Love” experimental work by Kevin Cantrell, Salt Lake City

05:10 “The Minds of Billy Milligan” title sequence by Joro Chen for Joro TV, Valencia, California. Inspired by a book about the first person to use multiple personality disorder as a legal defense.

06:10 Online titles in “How to Live a Happy Life” by Joro Chen for Joro TV, Valencia, California, featuring a narrative by a South Korean poet with English subtitles as a typographic element

08:38 Student work by Riem Ibrahim of Dubai, American University of Sharjah + Mobius Design Studio

11:15 “Jack of All Trades” self-promotional student work by Anne Zeygerman of School of Visual Arts, New York; instructor Ori Kleiner

13:12 Student work by Yerhung Ko of School of Visual Arts, New York; instructor Ori Kleiner

14:20 Student work by Lemon Sanuk Kim of School of Visual Arts, New York

15:08 “Typeforce Title Wall” by Will Miller and Arjun Harrison-Mann, working with Ross Burwell of Firebelly Design, Chicago

15:36 “Look/Hear” exhibition installation by Ran Zheng of New York for the Maryland Institute College of Art