TDC Salon: “Type in Context” with Torsten Lindsø Andersen
Type Directors Club
New York, New York
July 25, 2019

So many contemporary brand typefaces look alike. The Kontrapunkt type department in Copenhagen believes that diversity is important in every aspect of life, including design and type design.

On a quest to fight typographic monoculture, Torsten shares strategies and experiences with designing letters that tell stories — drawing parallels to the arts of architecture, sound, and New Nordic Cuisine in search of inspiration and methodology.

Torsten Lindsø Andersen is a (type)designer based in Copenhagen, where he runs Kontrapunkt’s type department and type lab together with Rasmus Michaëlis. Torsten’s experience working with corporate visual identities are put to use when designing bespoke typefaces for large and small brands around the world.


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Facebook: @kontrapunktcom