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Ksenya Samarskaya: “Type: More Questionable Than Ever”
Type Directors Club Type Drives Culture Conference 2019 .
SVA Theatre, New York City
March 1, 2019

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Type Drives Culture is the TDC’s annual one-day conference that reflects the changing face(s) of typography.

Ksenya Samarskaya speaks about typography, culture, letterforms, and contemporary discourse and shows how her own typeface design combines Latin and Cyrillic scripts. She presents the framework for her thinking, the questions that she’s asked along the way in her career, and how that led from one idea to the next.

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Ksenya Samarskaya runs Samarskaya & Partners which specializes in visual communications via brand strategy, identity design, typographic layout, type design, and occasional things for the internets.

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The theme for 2019 was “Type: More _____ Than Ever”, an interactive concept that invites new voices to fill in the blank about the present and future of type.

Like many industries, typography and type design have long suffered from a lack of diversity and inclusion. But the doors are beginning to widen, revealing a pathway for new ideas, perspectives, and leaders.

With this year’s line up we’re pushing open those doors to feature as many diverse designers, global scripts, and regions as possible.

Watch all twelve videos to see two of the most influential typeface designers of the 21st century, Fiona Ross and Kris Holmes, along with a new generation of designers and thinkers who are making type more accessible, more global, and more exciting than ever before.