A conversation with TDC Ascenders judges Golnar Kat Rahmani and Matthew Tapia. Moderated by TDC Advisory Board Member Parasto Backman.

Matthew Tapia is a self-taught artist and designer born and raised in Hawaii with more than 15 years of experience working in New York and Honolulu. Over the past decade and a half, he has honed his specialty in hand-lettering for a diverse group of clients. His passion for art and hard work extends his capacity to a wide range of projects: from custom type and lettering, identity design, and art direction; to illustration, mural installation, and more.

Golnar Kat Rahmani is a Berlin-based creative director and artist. She was born and raised in Iran, graduated in visual communication from faculty of fine arts at Tehran University and the Academy of Arts Berlin-Weißensee. She runs Studio Kat Rahmani. The studio specializes in typography, type design, editorial design featuring a strong expertise in multilingual design with a focus on Persian/Arabic typography. In contract with clients like: Deutsche Welle, BBC, Daimler (M.Benz), Lucas fonts. Her recent initiative project “Type & Politics” aims at freeing Persian/Arabic Type from its ideological and negative connotations. Following that helding typographic workshops at UDK (university of arts Berlin), KHB (Academy of art Berlin Weißensee) and University of Arts in Burg Halle. Also as a leccturer at various design conferences like: Typoberlin, Format Club Berlin, Type Club Berlin, Type Thursday and Typographics NewYork.