Meet TDC69 judge, and Ascenders 3 winner: Au Chon Hin, who’ll be presenting and in conversation with Ascenders 4 judge: Li Zhiqian. (Please note that the panel is only in Mandarin Chinese.)

Au Chon Hin, is an acclaimed designer from Macau, who mainly engages in brand identity and visual identity. He is the founder and creative director of UntitledMacao and is known for his forward thinking and bold visions. His works utilize vibrant colours clashes as well as simple yet figurative lines to bring a new visual experience to his clients. Au was awarded the Medal of Cultural Merit 2021 by the Macau SAR Government, and his works have won many international design awards, including the ADC Art Direction Association Annual Award (Silver and Bronze Cubes), D&AD Awards 2022, Young Guns 17 International Youth Design Award, The One Show Awards, Tokyo TDC Annual Awards (TDC Prize), etc. Ultimately, he and Untitled Macao are committed to spreading Macau’s brilliant design all over the world.

LI Zhiqian works in various fields with an interdisciplinary approach. He authored the book Xiwen Ziti de Gushi (Story of Western Fonts) and translated The Art of Calligraphy by David Harris, Never Use Futura by Douglas Thomas, Tokyo TDC Vol.32 by Tokyo TDC, Thinking with Type by Ellen Lupton (to be published in 2023), etc.. He is a contributor and broad member of The Type, project lead of Shanghai Type and co-founder of 3type. His type works have won several awards including New York TDC’s certificate of typographic excellence in 2022.