Applied Design provides a behind-the-scenes look at what drove the design of Atkinson Hyperlegible, a typeface for people with low vision, which Fast Company named a winner in the Graphic Design category of its 2019 Innovation by Design Awards.

Development of this typeface was part of a larger project taken on by Applied Design – a rigorous research-based evaluation of the Braille Institute name and brand equity, developing a brand positioning to capture the vision and direction of the organization, and creating a new visual identity to connect the institute with a diverse, expanding audience.

Applied Design’s singular mission is to create work that has an impact. Founded in 2015, Applied Design specializes in design, planning, strategy, and implementation for a broad range of mission-driven organizations.

This salon feature the creative leaders of Applied Design, who will discuss the ten things that drove the creation of Atkinson Hyperlegible:

  • Craig Dobie, Founding Creative Director
  • Brad Scott, Founding Managing Director
  • Elliott Scott, Creative Director

Applied Design has offices in New York and Los Angeles.

Instagram: @helloapplied