TDC24 Judges Night w/Peter Biľak, Ryoko Nishizuka, Noël Leu, Agyei Archer, Nadine Chahine, and Sandra García. Moderated by Ksenya Samarskaya.

At this event, the judges of the Type Directors Club’s 24th Type Design competition will discuss their work, the state of the type scene today, and what they’ll be looking for when selecting the best type in the world. Join us for an evening of engaging conversation.

This year’s judges are:

Peter Biľak, Typotheque

Ryoko Nishizuka, Adobe

Noël Leu, Grilli Type

Agyei Archer, Agyei Design

Nadine Chahine, ArabicType

Sandra García, TipasType

Moderated by:

Ksenya Samarskaya, Samarskaya & Partners

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