Type designer Miguel Reyes of Commercial Type will discuss the ideas and process behind a new condensed display family originally drawn for W, a large format glossy fashion magazine.

Commissioned by creative director Cian Browne and art director Jeffrey Burch, this display family was designed to accentuate the magazine’s provocative photography and cutting edge fashion, and will soon make its way to the retail market.

Miguel Reyes (born 1984), originally from Puebla, Mexico, studied graphic design at Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla before working as a type designer, graphic designer, and publication designer in Barcelona and Mexico City, then studied type design at CEGestalt, School of Design in Mexico City. He later attended the Type and Media Masters course at KABK in the Hague and began working with Commercial Type at the beginning of 2013. His work has been honored by the New York Type Directors Club, the Latin American Biennial of Typography, and by the Fine Press Book Association.

Website: https://commercialtype.com/about/miguel_reyes

Instagram: @font_taste

Twitter: @font_taste