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Type Directors Club thanks The Cooper Union, Type@Cooper, and the Herb Lubalin Study Center for hosting the New York City debut of The World’s Best Typography exhibition, which features award-winning work of the club’s 65th Annual Communications Design and 2019 Typeface Design competition. Everyone is invited to see the exhibition through August 9.

The exhibition displays typography in a wide range of categories including books, posters, corporate branding, logos, web graphics, film and TV titles, products, and magazines from many countries including the United States, France, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, the People’s Republic of China, South Korea, and others.

Installation view of The World’s Best Typography at The Cooper Union

The World’s Best Typography exhibition includes over 280 selections of winning work from the TDC’s annual international typeface design competition and communication design competition selected by an international jury of top designers.

TDC65 Judges

Karin Fong, Imaginary Forces
Leo Jung, Sunday Magazine
Eddie Opara, Pentagram
Paulina Reyes, Plated, NY
Ian Spalter, Instagram
Annik Troxler, Switzerland
Zipeng Zhu, Dazzle

Chair: Bobby Martin, Jr., OCD

Typeface Design Judges
Nicole Dotin, Process Type Foundry
Tobias Frere-Jones, Frere-Jones Type
Erin McLaughlin
Kristyan Sarkis, TPTQ Arabic Type Foundry

Chair: Nina Stössinger, Frere-Jones Type

For the first time, Type Directors Club is featuring award-winning student work from the typeface design competition in addition to the communications design competition.

We invite all visitors to take photographs of their favorite typography in the show and to post it on social media with the tag #TDC65.

Identity: Bond Creative

Award-winning posters from designers in China, Switzerland, New York, and Berlin