It’s fontastic & boldacious & x-heighting!
It’s TypeThursdayNYC!

TypeThursdayNYC is a monthly gathering of type geeks, this month held at Wix Playground. We like to think of ourselves as a type superfamily: we attract local letterform lovers hailing from all disciplines and levels of expertise. Social hours bookend the centerpiece of our event, a group critique we refer to as Type Crit.

What the font is Type Crit‽

Briefly: It’s a critique. Of letterforms. No grades. Plenty of wine.

Verbosely: Type Crit is a group critique of up to four, in-progress projects involving letterform design and/or usage. You can get, give, or simply listen to feedback—your pick! Discussion is moderated by a TypeThursdayNYC dialogue lead—we pride ourselves on fostering a friendly forum for constructive, thoughtful advice that’ll raise the baseline on your letterform game.

QUICK LINK: Sign up to present work for feedback at Type Crit

What’s the program for the evening?

6:00pm – 6:45pm: Check in & Socializing
6:50pm: Opening Statements | Introduction
7:00pm – 8:00pm: Type Critiques
8:00pm: Closing Comments | Outro
8:10pm – 9:00pm: Socializing & End of Event

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