A night of candid (and nerdy!) conversation between graphic and type designers.

Graphic designers and type designers need each other (aww!). Our relationship is a powerful force that shapes the typographic landscape. And yet, we never get together. It’s time we talked.

Join Elizabeth Carey Smith, June Shin, Lisa Smith, Nina Stössinger, and YuJune Park on March 27th where we’ll be catching up and shedding light on our unique and collaborative process. The speakers will be giving a brief presentation of their creative processes, and will gather around for a panel discussion. We’ll be covering a range of questions, including:

How do graphic designers find and select typefaces?
What do type designers have in mind when they’re designing new ones?
How do custom typefaces come to life?

Type designers and graphic designers: a meeting is long overdue. Let’s talk!

Event Series: Fresh Dialogue
Type x Graphic Design: Relationships & Collaboration is part of the Fresh Dialogue event series. These events are critical discussions that focus on current events, issues of cultural relevance and emerging topics in the world of design.

AIGA event in collaboration with Type Directors Club. Tickets include post-event reception.