The Beatrice Warde Scholarship is awarded to one female undergraduate student who demonstrates excellence and promise in type design. Students who are enrolled in their junior undergraduate year anywhere in the world may apply for this scholarship grant that will be applied to their senior year tuition. The senior year must begin in September 2019 and conclude in June 2020.

The deadline for applications is February 22, 2019.
Find the application and other information here.

Monotype and the Type Directors Club sponsor the scholarship, which is named in honor of Beatrice Warde (1900-1969). During her career at the Monotype Corporation, Warde championed education in typography and, through her numerous essays, books, articles, and lectures, spread understanding of type.

Here are links to stories about some the previous recipients:

2015: Rebecca Bartola, Central Saint Martins, London
2016: Ania Wieluńska, Academy of Fine Arts, Warsaw, Poland
2017: Tasnima Tanzim, Rhode Island School of Design, USA
2018: Anna Skoczeń, Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts, Kraków, Poland

The Monotype brand has been synonymous with type for more than 125 years. Today, Monotype is home to some of the world’s most widely used typefaces, seen everywhere on devices, the web, and in print. Beatrice Warde’s dedication and enthusiasm for typography during her career at Monotype is still widely admired, almost 49 years after her time there.

The Type Directors Club sets the standards of typographical excellence in advertising, design and publishing, and hopes that the scholarship will encourage talented students to develop a love for typography and an appreciation of the significance of typography in the design process.

Good luck to those of you who decide to apply, and we hope everyone else will spread the word about this terrific opportunity!