The TDC is merging with The One Club for Creativity.

Earlier this month, following a process in which its members and board identified its most urgent objectives, the members of the Type Directors Club voted affirmatively to merge with The One Club for Creativity.

This merger will allow the TDC to expand and increase its number of initiatives, while placing a robust emphasis on diversity and inclusion. Here’s what that means to you:

  • A change in leadership based on community input and active recruitment. The TDC board will have 25% new leadership in 2020, growing to 50% in 2021. These roles have been and will remain volunteer positions.
  • Rewritten bylaws based on community input, with inclusivity and anti-racism at their core.
  • A commitment to diversity in scholarships including those that celebrate and support BIPOC and women type designers.
  • Enhanced programming to better represent the global typographic community.

Read the full press release here.

The TDC exists to celebrate and amplify the power of typography, and serves as a global community united by the shared belief that type drives culture and culture drives type.

We take this mandate to heart and are excited to continue to serve and uplift the type and design community.

With love and respect,