Call for entries for portfolios of type-oriented designers around the world who are 35 years and under is extended through June 30.

The Type Directors Club has extended its deadline for entries to the Ascenders 2019, a portfolio-based competition to recognize outstanding type-oriented work of designers who are 35 years of age and under.

The Ascenders 2019 competition encourages designers from around the world to submit portfolios showcasing their use of type before the extended June 30, 2019 competition deadline. Rules for the competition and further portfolio requirements are detailed on the competition website.

Submissions should be in the form of a single PDF portfolio, featuring designs that rely on type, are dominated by type, show particular ingenuity in the use of type, or create type. Other elements, such as photography and illustration, can be present, but the judges will focus on type. Applicants should avoid including their name in the PDF portfolio submission.

Last year, we had a tremendous response and reviewed portfolios from many countries, and encourage everyone to show us their recent work. Members of the TDC Board of Directors will review all work that is submitted and will select ten aspiring and inspiring designers who are expanding the art of typography for the Ascender 2019 honor.

Previous Ascenders include young designers from Argentina, Brazil, Canada, China, Croatia, Denmark, Mexico, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, and the United States. Read more about them and see examples of their work here.

This year’s Ascenders will be announced on July 17, 2019 at the Type Directors Club annual awards ceremony at The Cooper Union in New York. Later in 2019, Type Directors Club will host an exhibition of the Ascenders 2019 work in New York and publish their work on the TDC website and in the next TDC annual, The World’s Best Typography.

All the details, rules, and fees are listed here.

Photos of last year’s Ascenders 2018 exhibition are here.


Ascenders 2019 campaign:
Design: Pure+Applied
Fonts: Pizza Typefaces