We have just debuted a typographic gold mine for designers, students, art historians, and letter lovers!

The World’s Best Typography Archive 1998-2019 is now online on the TDC website, featuring 22 years of type excellence. Each year, we assemble a team of international type experts to select the year’s best entries.

Last year, Tobias Frere-Jones, Nicole Dotin, Kristyan Sarkis, and Erin McLaughlin selected 17 professional and five student typeface designs that they considered the world’s best, and singled out a few of  their favorites:

See them all and read about the entire set of winners here.

If you go back in the archive to 1998, the inaugural year, you can see typefaces designed by legends Hermann Zapf, Luc(as) de Groot, and Akira Kobayashi.

Examine galleries from other years to discover the world’s best typefaces across more than two decades. Find your favorite and post it on social media with #TDCTypeArchive.

The World’s Best Typography Archive project, spearheaded by Joe Newton, would not have been realized without the efforts of four students from school of Visual Arts, New York – Mo Hinojosa, Shantanu Sharma, Cheryl Chuang, and Yoojung Kim – who generously volunteered hours of their time.

Thanks to their work, everyone is now able to enjoy this great design resource, discover top type designers, and find celebrated type. Bookmark Competitions Archives at tdc.org.

And take the opportunity to be part of this grand, historic tradition by submitting your best typeface designs to this year’s panel via the #TDC66 competition website before December 13, 2019.

Good luck and enjoy!