The Type Directors Club is proud to announce that TDC70, our annual competition representing the zenith of the world of typography, is now open for your submissions!

As the name suggests, this competition has been venerating outstanding creativity in the worlds of type and lettering for a full seven decades. The iconic TDC annuals continue to line the bookshelves of some of the most inspiring designers in the world; here is your opportunity for your work to be added to the next one, in this milestone year,


The TDC Annual Competition consists of three distinct disciplines, each of which will have its own world-class jury to determine what makes its way into the annual.

Communication Design welcomes entries that use type and lettering in almost any form you can imagine, from magazine layouts to the opening credits of a movie to the packaging of your favorite yogurt, to the layout of your favorite app. Communication Design is analog, it’s digital, it’s permanent, and it’s ephemeral. Anywhere a visual representation of words exists, you’ll find design  — and hopefully, we’ll find your design work in the TDC70 annual when all is said and done.

Building a brand new typeface or updating a legendary one is truly a labor of love, and TDC has been celebrating that love for seven decades.

Type Design is where the genuine craftspeople get their hands dirty This discipline honors those who create typefaces and type families, emojis and symbol fonts, and even the software that allows for creating such type.

Debuting last year as its own separate discipline with its own distinct jury, Lettering returns with the wind in its sails!

For those not in the know, lettering refers to letterforms that are more often drawn rather than typed out on your keyboard. These can be everything from traditional calligraphy and handwriting to graffiti and tattooing. From unique wordmarks and logotypes to the long-lost art of sign painting, the best of lettering demonstrates love and attention to detail in every single stroke.

Type and lettering are found in every part of the world, and TDC70 welcomes submissions in a wide variety of scripts, not just Latin. Our flexible pricing structure reduces our already reasonable entry fees depending on which country you are based in. There are even further reductions for card-carrying TDC Members in good standing. Add in lower fees for those who enter by the November 3 early deadline, and the path toward TDC glory couldn’t be more affordable!