TDC Exhibition - Materials Due May 15th, 2023

TDC69 Exhibition Materials

As part of our winner’s package we invite you to submit your work to be showcased in eight global TDC69 exhibitions, which tour across dozens of cities in the United States, Canada, China, England, France, Germany, Japan, New Zealand, Poland, South Korea, Spain, and Taiwan. The TDC69 exhibition offers great exposure for you and your studio/agency/foundry, with exhibition images shared across social media. We welcome, and encourage, you to send us original samples of your work whenever possible. Please note we no longer accept mounted work or presentation boards. Individual items, such as covers, should be sent unmounted in their original form.


It’s always preferable for viewers to see the original works whenever possible.

  • Supply eight physical samples or sets of the winning entry. If your work is in a series, please supply eight samples of each type.
  • For covers, please send either the dust-jacket/cover or the entire publication.
  • Large posters should be sent rolled in a tube.
  • If you’re unable to cover postage, please contact and we’ll see what we can do.
  • For large or heavy items, please contact us first at


  • Supply a video example or examples of each entry. A series may be entered together as an individual movie or separately.
  • You have the option of supplying an additional demonstration video. This can include direct screen capture and/or video presentation demonstrating the work. Up to 2 minutes.
  • Please supply full HD videos whenever possible.


  • If the work is large-scale or sculptural in nature, please supply us with graphics showing actual artwork alongside a photograph or video of the work in situ.
  • For showing your work in exhibition spaces via projection, please provide SRGB files with the shortest side at 3508 pixels.
  • For type specimens, please limit the work to one or two pages in Tabloid, 17 x 22 inches, 24 x 36 inches, A3, or A2 sizes.
  • If you’d like to print the images out and send those, please refer to the instructions for physical work and specimens.
  • If you’d prefer to send images for them to be printed in NY, please contact for pricing for 17 x 22 and 24 x 36 inch prints.

All exhibition and publication material for TDC69 must reach the Type Directors Club office no later than May 15th, 2023.

The posted material is to be addressed to:

TDC69 Exhibitions Type Directors Club at The One Club for Creativity
450 West 31st Street, 6th Floor
New York, NY 10001

If you’re unable to cover postage, please contact and we’ll see what we can do. For large or heavy items, please also contact us first to arrange. Thank you!


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